Ma Yun will withdraw from the board of directors at a cost of 90 billion yuan a year. How can sun Zhengzhen's rouyin survive?

On the afternoon of May 18, Softbank group (hereinafter referred to as rouyin) released its financial performance report for 2019 in Tokyo. According to the financial report, the operating cost of rouyin is about 1.4 trillion yen (about 92.7 billion yuan), and the company's net capital is about 961.6 billion yen (about 8.973 billion US dollars), and the net profit of last year is 1.4 trillion yen. According to Softbank, the operating cost of jpy1.4 trillion was mainly derived from the operating cost of Softbank vision Fund (hereinafter referred to as vision) and other SBIA managed funds, totaling 1.9 trillion yen (about US $17.7 billion). This is also the most important financial discount since the establishment of rouyin.

Sun Zhengzheng, chairman and CEO of rouyin, said at the press conference held next day that compared with 2018, 2019 will undoubtedly suffer from significant losses. At the same time, he stressed the significant impact of the new epidemic on rouyin and the world economy, and believed that the world was going through the decline and decline of 1929-1932. No matter how big the stock exchange of Tokyo Stock Exchange had been trading three months ago, the stock prices of the companies around Tokyo Stock Exchange had fallen very much.

Asked if he saw the vision as a failure, he said that under the bad market environment, the loss of the vision was \
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